Business Formation

Designate • Protect • Thrive

Some businesses should be legally formed within the State of Texas, even businesses operated from a home or office, including start-ups, partnerships, and LLCs. By defining your business, taxes and other fees may be minimized. A business entity designation may be required when applying for city, state, or government programs or permits. Business formation provides a layer of insulation between the business owner’s personal assets and those assets of the business. This extra protection can go a long way and insulate the business owner from liability.

At Loveland Law Firm, we can also provide business advice and formation services for investment purposes, vacation home rentals (via Airbnb), or other entities that fall within a business's scope. We work closely with your trusted tax advisor on how best to structure these entities.

Contact Loveland Law Firm today to set up your business entity or any other questions or concerns regarding business formation. Attorney Kimberly Loveland is a board-certified estate planning attorney who will provide expertise in all areas of protecting personal and business assets.