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Loveland Law Firm is an innovative boutique estate planning and probate law firm located in Frisco, Texas. Serving the entire states of Texas and Florida, our attorneys are dedicated planners by nature and have a genuine passion for the law of estate planning and probate administration.

We’re here to help you prepare for the future and make smart, educated decisions that are tailored to your exact needs and goals. At Loveland Law Firm, our focus on the uniqueness of every client and family. Our goals are to provide you with simplicity and ease of understanding complex legal issues while providing peace of mind so you can live your life to the fullest without worry.

At Loveland Law Firm, we believe that everyone needs a plan regardless of their stage of life, assets owned, or family dynamics. Our philosophy is that estate planning is an essential way to protect assets and equip families for whatever circumstances may come their way. We help individuals and families find peace of mind by planning for the unexpected. We do this by listening to our clients and providing them with the information needed to make smart, informed decisions that help them meet their needs and goals.

We don’t view any aspect of estate planning as a one-time transaction. Our staff is passionate about what we do and strive to help you, your family, and your future. We hope to become your trusted advisor and develop a long-term professional relationship.

Our firm understands the emotional aspects and family dynamics involved in estate planning and administration matters. Loveland Law Firm will help guide you through what can be an overwhelming and challenging process.

Our job is to combine trust with calm and measured wisdom amid new or difficult life circumstances, such as the ones found below:

Opportunities Arise at New Stages:

  • If you are a young professional building your future, purchasing your first home or opening investment accounts;
  • If you are getting married and in need of prenuptial planning;
  • If you have acquired or stand to inherit sizable assets;
  • If you have a child or adopt a child;
  • If you start your own business; or
  • If you are planning vacation or travel.

Facing Difficult Circumstances:

  • Divorce or separation;
  • Child or children with special needs;
  • Sudden incapacity or death of parent;
  • Sudden incapacity or death of spouse; or
  • Unexpected medical diagnosis.
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Representative Experience

Domestic and Cross-Border Estate Planning and Private Client Services
  • Advise high net worth clients and family offices on domestic and international income and transfer tax issues, including tax-planned wills and revocable trusts, family entities, grantor retained annuity trusts, irrevocable life insurance trusts, generation-skipping "dynasty" trusts (including Delaware perpetual trusts), charitable remainder trusts and charitable lead trusts
  • Design and prepare core estate planning documents, including wills, revocable trust agreements, and medical and financial powers of attorney
  • Provide complex analysis of foreign trusts, foreign holding companies and foreign trust reporting requirements
  • Design, implement, and monitor transfer tax minimization and asset protection strategies, including gifts to family trusts, installment sales to grantor trusts, grantor retained annuity trusts, and irrevocable life insurance trusts, including advising clients on the preparation and filing of federal gift tax returns
  • Assist families with the formation of limited partnerships and limited liability companies to own and manage family farms, ranchland, mineral interests, vacation residences, and other family assets
  • Design and implement business succession plans for families and key employees
  • Help clients protect their privacy through the anonymous acquisition of personal residences and other assets, assist clients making anonymous charitable donations and political contributions
  • Structure charitable gifts in a tax-efficient manner, including the creation and qualification of charitable trusts and private foundations
Estate and Trust Administration
  • Advise executors and beneficiaries on the administration of large and complex estates, including the preparation and filing of federal estate tax returns
  • Advise executors, trustees, and beneficiaries regarding the funding, administration, taxation, and distribution of estates and trusts
  • Advise fiduciaries regarding the administration of domestic and foreign trusts
  • Assist trustees with judicial and non-judicial modifications to irrevocable trusts through techniques such as trust decanting, trust modifications/combinations, and trust divisions
  • Counsel corporate trustees, trust departments, and family offices regarding general administrative matters
Charitable Organizations and Governance
  • Organize the corporate structure and obtain tax exempt status for a variety of nonprofit organization
  • Advise charitable organizations on developing planned giving programs and provide ongoing assistance in negotiating and structuring charitable gifts
  • Assist charitable organizations in reorganizations, including mergers and modification of charitable trusts
  • Formation of various kinds of private foundations and private operating foundations, providing continued guidance and maintenance for how foundation is funded, managed and governed
Marital and Divorce Consulting
  • Prepare, review, and negotiate premarital agreements and post-marital agreements
  • Assist individuals and family offices with managing the divorce process, including the review and revision of pleadings for consistency with estate planning and entity documents
  • Consult with divorce counsel regarding characterization of complex trust and entity structures for Texas marital property law purposes
  • Form trusts and entities in connection with divorce settlement

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